Pastor Duane was called by University Hills Baptist Church of Denver in January of 2013. Pastor Duane is a tent-maker, working as an IT professional during the week, in addition to serving as Pastor of our church.

He is married to Lori, and together, they have 5 children under 10 years old. Rebekah, Haley, Luke, Megan and Taylor.

Lori homeschool’s the children, and Duane primarily works from home during the week, so the family is able to eat nearly every meal together. Both Duane and Lori share what a great blessing this is for them, and they recognize how rare this is, in the United States in the 21st century.

They also have Boomer, their 9 year old black lab. Lori shares that Boomer is finally beginning to mellow out, although he still runs faster than anyone in the family – every chance he gets.

In addition to his other responsibilities, Duane is attending Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary, using the ever-popular 10 year plan.

In his free time (???), Duane is an extremely avid golfer, claiming that chasing a little white ball around a golf course allows him to get his mind off the fact that he doesn’t really have time to play golf.